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 Here is a short introduction to our company, and a progress update ....

Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd. (NSEL), registered in 2014, is jointly owned by two established corporations,
Northstar Electronics,Inc. and Sealand Aviation Ltd.
   Both have many years of experience in working with certified commercial aircraft and government military contracts.

NSEL is finalizing arrangements to assemble, certify, manufacture, service, repair, and market
a new turboprop single engine commercial aircraft in Canada, for the world market,
starting with North, South, & Central American markets initially.

Work is progressing on the prototype aircraft, planned to be flying and certified next year.
 Marketing and Sales has started to receive emailed expressions of interest
from prospects, and we are working to
schedule flying demonstrations to display the superior handling and performance of the aircraft.
Special considerations will be given to early adapters, so please Contact Us now for more information.

We will be accepting orders once certification is complete, as full production will start at that time.
First customer deliveries should start in the fall of 2018.

January 10, 2017 - Northstar Electronics has issued a Recap of Major Events of 2016  <- Click for details

More information will be available shortly.

For detail on the company, please contact:

Wilson Russell,
Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd., and Northstar Electronics,Inc.

Emails:   wrussell @ northstarelectronics.com , willrussell @ nslaero.com , or  willrussell @ shaw.ca

The President of Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd., Dr. Wilson Russell, also President of Northstar Electronics,
has a lengthy track record
in industry as a business developer, project manager, corporate executive, and innovator.
He has senior experience in developing business opportunities in the aeronautics, defense,
anti-terrorism, sonar, and offshore oil and gas sectors, amongst others.

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